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POSTED: 10/25/2012
"Best salon around! This place is incredible, it's a comfortable salon and the staff is awesome. I like Liz. E. and for the best hair cut and color I have had outside of NYC. She is a sweetheart and we had so much fun. Oh and they have wine.

POSTED: 10/12/2012
"I have lived in Charlotte, NC for four years after moving here from Southern California. It has been a trial and error process trying to find a great salon. Most of the ones I have been to are fair to average. This place is fantastic! Amber took me in for a cut with a one day prior appointment. She listened carefully, used her good eye, was pleasant and gave me the best cut I have had in North Carolina for a good price. No upselling or pushiness. I will be going back soon. I found my salon and so did my daughter, Karen who has Sarah as a Stylist who was equally great!"

POSTED: 8/12/2009
"My wife gets her haircut at the cutting image salon in Charlotte, NC and we went to NYC for a wedding and my wife 'mentioned' to me that I could 'use' a haircut. For those of you who aren't married that means 'your getting a haircut like it or not.' Anyway we decided to go to the one in NYC and we had a wonderful experience. Niki was very warm and inviting and gave me one of my favorite haircuts to date. I loved that she listened to what I wanted in a cut but wasn't afraid to offer her professional opinion on what she thought would look the best for me. Niki was right on and I couldn't have been happier with my hair. I guess next time I'll go with my wife to get our haircut at their Charlotte location. Thanks again!"

POSTED: 12/15/2008
"The atmosphere in this salon is warm and friendly not overwhelmingly bright and sterile like so many seem to be. The stylist Niki cut my hair beautifully I have long wavy hair and she layered it just right. I'm still getting compliments two months later! What a great experience I will definitely be going back!"

POSTED: 7/24/2007
"In order to give the proper context for this review, I need to tell a somewhat neurotic story first. As a guy who grew up playing a lot of sports and never hearing the word 'metrosexual' until i got to New York, I spent most of the first 25 years of my life with the standard 'guy with short-ish hair' haircut. Basically, the one that would let me get out the door with a minimal effort in the morning. About six months ago, I decided to grow my hair out, because, well, I'd never had hair longer than about 3 inches in my life. Three months later, I found myself with long hair that was too shaggy to manage anymore, and realized that I'd have to get it cut. Not wanting to get a bad haircut on my now-much-longer hair (since I couldn't just grow it out if it was bad) I agonized over where to go. I asked friends for advice, and scoured the web trying to find a place with a stylist that did a lot of men's hair. Needless to say, men tend to be a bit less involved in posting reviews about hair stylists than women, so I didn't find much out."

"I ended up going to Cutting Image because of a single review on Citysearch that complemented 'Nicki' on her work with another man's hair. I was glad I did. Putting it mildly, I was blown away by my experience at Cutting Image. Nicki did a fantastic job on my hair, all the stylists who worked there were very personable and conversational, and perhaps best of all, they serve wine to their clients from the specialty food store located next door. At $55, it's about three times as much as I had paid for a haircut up to that point in my life, but I was very happy with my hair, and had a great time as well. I can't specifically speak to their experience with women's hair, but I would highly recommend this place to any guys who need something beyond the Astor place 'clipper cut'."

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"I was pleased to find the Cutting Image Salon. This is a cozy relaxing little salon with great personal attention, zero attitude. "Great value, personality!" "The greatest salon I’ve ever visited. The staff is so genuinely friendly, highly knowledgeable, and perfectionists in their cuts."

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